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In a competitive and highly regulated industry, even well- established companies need to keep on upping their game.

“We really value the range of temperature probes which are part of the Seven Telematics system. This gives us a detailed insight into the temperature of the vehicle’s load.”

Tican Chilled, with their roots dating back to 1928, are a market-leading wholesaler serving the UK with a comprehensive range of high quality beef,lamb, pork, poultry and bacon products exclusively selected to fulfill each and every individual customer’s needs. They appreciate the importance of continually enhancing the quality of their service.

Following recent events in the meat transport industry, Tican Chilled were looking to ensure that their cold chain was fully robust, with all product delivered at or below 3°C, whilst enhancing their capacity to prove their temperature compliance. They decided to trial the Transcan Advance and Seven Eye technology from Seven Telematics. This technology combines telematics and temperature monitoring and logging. Made in Britain, the Transcan Advance is the world’s most widely used road transport temperature monitoring device.

Danny Freeman, Operations Manager at Tican Chilled, explains more:

“We really value the range of temperature probes which are part of the Seven Telematics system. This gives us a much more detailed insight into the temperature of product, rather than just that of the air. It’s so detailed that if, for example, the temperatures of the load or of any part of the vehicle goes over specified limits for more than 15 minutes, the buzzers sound and we get an alert on our phones.We can see exactly where a driver has been and their driving and delivery behaviour during the working day. This helps us to ensure that they are working safely. Having the Seven Telematics system on board has improved our due diligence. We can now prove our deliveries are maintained at temperatures in line with the Food Standard Agency’s regulations throughout our processes. This also ensures that our clients can be confident that Tican Chilled supplies will maintain their optimal condition throughout the shelf life of each product.”

The trial has been such a great success that Tican Chilled has made the Seven Telematics technology a permanent addition to its fleet.The Transcan Advance will enhance the nine new vehicles that they have just added to their 27-strongfleet. These are Mercedes Benz trucks supplied by S&B Commercials, with refrigeration by TK and bodywork by Chereau, with the vehicles contract hired in by Ryder.

For Andy Jones, Operations Director, the new technology is a big part of the continued growth and success of Tican Chilled:

“The trial was a valuable opportunity for us to understand the full potential of Seven Eye and the Transcan Advance. To maintain a good reputation in this industry, you have to keep up with legislative changes and industry demands. Adopting this technology will help us to take care not only of our own reputation, but our clients’ too.”

“We ran the trial for two months in one vehicle. With the Seven Telematics system, we found that we could keep a much closer eye on our fridges and temperature levels, at all times. We have a multi-drop system, so the lorry door is opened and closed several times during a journey. Having a sensor on the rear door linked up to an alarm system proved to be hugely valuable in allowing us to ensure that multiple door openings do not compromise the quality of the meat that we deliver.

Because of our wide network of clients, we park vehicles all over the country. That makes it very hard to track temperature. With the Transcan and Seven Eye system, we found that we could monitor product and vehicle temperature at the same time, 24 hours a day. That gave us the peace of mind of knowing that we could address any potential issues sooner rather than later.”

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